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St. Columba's EYC Schedule 2017-2018

St. Columba’s EYC program continues its explosion of growth in number and ministry! With only a few Sundays off, reflecting the natural rhythms of the holidays and school calendars, our schedule will be meeting every Sunday as follows, and each meeting will center around the themes listed in the calendar below. All meetings will involve time for music, singing, fellowship, dinner, and fun!  

10:10 am - Sunday School
  5:00 pm - Jr. EYC
  6:00 pm - Dinner (Both Jr. EYC & Sr. High EYC)
  6:45 pm - Sr. EYC



  • Aug. 27th: Parent Info. Dinner
  • Sep. 2nd: EYC Kick-Off & Cookout




  • Oct. 6-8th: New Beginnings 38
  • Oct. 15th: Joint EYC, Guest Speaker
  • Oct. 21st: Fall Fest/Camp-out


  • Nov. 17-19th: Happening 68
  • Nov. 19th: No EYC, Thanksgiving Break



  • Dec. 17th: EYC Christmas Party