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Hospitality Ministries


Coffee Hour

Members of this ministry provide coffee, juice and light snacks between the two Sunday services. The church provides coffee, sugar and creamer. The hosts provide snacks and juice of their choice. This ministry rotates to different hosts each week.
Training and instructions are provided so this is a great ministry to "cut your teeth on" sort of speak. There is very little time required and no special skills are necessary. Simply follow the instructions on how to make a great cup of coffee,bring in your juice and dessert.

We don't require the snacks to be homemade so it can certainly be store bought. When the 11:15am service concludes and people have left the nave you then are asked to clean up and put everything away.

So come on out and give it a try. If you've been looking for a ministry to join to feel more connected to the church but are afraid you have limited time to commit, then this could be a good ministry for you!

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Newcomer and Welcome Ministry

The Newcomer and Welcome Table ministry is primarily focused on engaging with potential new members of our parish. The mission of this team is to graciously welcome visitors to our church and to provide information and guidance to these individuals on how to become members and how to quickly become engaged in the various church ministries and activities.

This team mans the Welcome Table each Sunday morning before and after the 9am and 11:15am services. The people who are assigned to work the table greet and meet visitors and encourage them to sign our Visitor Registry or guest book. They also provide each guest with a gift and welcome package which includes the mission and history of St. Columba’s as well as details on the ministries and programs available to them.

The Welcome Table attendants also make sure each guest receives a name tag and is introduced to other parishioners, Vestry Members, and Clergy. This ministry provides an invaluable service to our church and to our community. As we reach out to the community around us it is absolutely imperative that we continue to maintain the concept of “radical hospitality” that has made us so successful to date.

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Vestry Contact for Membership - Laura Murphy