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Create Your "Realm" Parish Login Today! 

        "Realm" is the integrated parish database platform that helps you stay connected to fellow parishioners, manage your personal information (udpate their email address, add a cell or work number, and view and print their contribution statement), and also send and reeive messages for any ministry group to which you belong.  It's totally private and completely secure.  The first step is to create your Realm Account login.  Click the logo below and follow the instructions.  If you run into  any snags or have any questions, contact the parish office (770) 888-4464 x 8001 and speak with Father Tripp.  

       Once you set up your realm account, you can also set up a recurring online donation, view/print a parish directory, update your personal information (birthdate, email, contact phone number, etc) and you can update your children's contact informtion as well.  Unfortunatly adults have to have their own realm account (so spouses will each have to create their own account).  It is a great system and you have complete control over who sees your information, what email or cell number you want to be listed for parish contact (like the weekly parish email), and opt in/out of any message boards for any ministry to which you are a member.  Your data is encripted and stored securely off-site at the ACS Realm servers.  You can edit, remove, or add privacy settings at any time.

       Click the link below and get connected to our growing parish community!