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Lenten Devotions Written BY Parishioners FOR Parishioner

Daily Devotions for Lent

To write a devotion, or learn more about what's required: Lenten Devotion Instructions

To receive an email devotion every day of Lent: Sign-up to Receive a Daily Devotion for Lent

We’re looking for parishioners of all ages (yes, even the very young) to read assigned scripture and write, sing, draw, or video Lenten devotions we'll share via email each day of Lent.

We're adding a new feature this year. ALL are welcome to submit a devotion – parishioners, clergy, church leaders, family and friends. We would LOVE to have writers from out of the state or country - perhaps family members or dear friends who live far from us, but who are close to our hearts. You might even be bold enough to call your old pastor ;) or email your favorite Christian blogger to see if they’re willing to share their wisdom with us. Think of those who might speak to our hearts and reach out – be bold and see what happens! The old adage is true - it never hurts to ask. What a hopeful Lenten season this would be if we added new voices and new perspectives to our devotions!

We hope you will consider writing a devotion and we thank you for your loving stewardship of our church! It is truly a hallmark of who we are and our Lenten devotions are just another happy example of our great care for each other.

Grant us, O Lord, that those things which we do during the holy season of Lent may be well-pleasing to you, and that the rest of our life hereafter may be guided by your love, so that at the last we may come to eternal joy. We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.