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Parish Meeting

Sunday, May 12 from 9:30 - 10:15 am

        You are invited to a special parish meeting on Sunday, 12 May between the 8:30 and 10:30 Masses.  We will gather in the Narthex and hear a “state of the parish” update from the Rector and Wardens.  As you may know, we did not achieve our pledge goal for 2019.  We currently have 94 pledges toward our 2019 ministry operating budget, with a total pledged of $370, 411.  In addition, we have 29 households who have pledged just over $125,000 to our Writing the Next Chapter campaign; these pledges are spread over 3-year term, and approximately $60,000 will be received in 2019.  

        Unfortunately, that still leaves us with a significant gap to our minimum operating budget.  So, this parish meeting will be a town-hall discussion that will give you a chance to ask questions as well as offer your suggestions and ideas for how best we can overcome our current projected shortfall for the year.

         There are some incredible stories to share of the many ways our parish is engaging the Gospel and sharing the Good News with those in our community and beyond.  

  • We are growing.  Since Christmas, 2018 we 23 new families have joined the parish.
  • We continue to have one of the two largest youth ministry programs in our diocese.  Our youth program leads the diocese in many areas of outreach and mission! 
  • Our outreach initiatives this year deliver on average 300 lbs. of food to local and diocesan food banks, our special outreach ingatherings have helped families in need locally through the ministries of Rainbow Village, the Veterans Hospital, Antebellum Assisted Living Center, and as far as Jerusalem (our Good Friday offering raised $908 that help support the Church’s mission in Jerusalem).
  • During this school year, we have started 5 new small group ministries and classes this year that are strengthening our discipleship and personal faith.
  • Our Holy Week and Easter attendance surpassed both 2017 and 2018 numbers.   

We have much for which we can celebrate and be thankful.  During our parish meeting on 12 May, we will all be invited to prayerfully consider how we can help continue these signs of growth and vitality while at the same time continue to pay down our mortgage and improve our financial outlook.  We hope to hear from you on the 12th!



David Blumenthal & Ian Crassweller, Parish Wardens

Father Tripp Norris, Rector