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Buildings and Grounds

Buildings and Grounds constantly evaluates the condition of the physical plant, reacts to items needing maintenance, evaluates projects for cost and urgency, advises the administration and request funding, if approved proceeds to obtain material and labor necessary to complete the project in a timely manor.

We receive request from other committees, missions, departments and staff for new projects that may enhance or are necessary for the fulfillment or their charter or goals. Assist in obtaining pricing, material availability, labor, and expected completion. Advise and wait for funding. When funded, assist in the procurement of materials and completion of the projects.

We coordinate volunteers into teams that can manage individual task and projects in order to accomplish our objective. Maintain a list of talents and capabilities of our members so we can pull from our resources according to the project’s needs.

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Vestry Contact for Buildings & Grounds - David Blumenthal


Guild of St Rose (Needlepoint)

The Guild of St. Rose is a group of parishioners who enjoy needlepoint.  They are currently working on new kneelers that will go around the altar rail.  The canvasses they are using have been hand painted for St. Columba's by a local artist and depict various styles of crosses and other important Celtic-Christian symbols.  The two center cushions will each feature the St. Columba wheel cross that has become our parish logo.

In addition, the guild is also working on a special kneeler that will be used by brides and grooms as they kneel for the nuptial blessing and begin their lives together as husband and wife.

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Holy Folders

The Holy Folders meet each Thursday at 9:30 am to assemble our weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters.

This ministry is key to not only providing an important component to our worship service, but it provides the congregation with a very critical communication tool regarding ministries meetings, parish functions, announcements of upcoming events at our church.

A worship bulletin is an important component to our service because it shares information and prepares members for what the service subject matter will be. With written communication in hand, members can enter into a sanctuary with all the information they will need for the church's upcoming week of events and worship. Worship bulletins can also provide a written order or outlineof thedayso members and church guests can be aware of what is happening during the service and throughout the day and when.

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Office Volunteers

The volunteer receptionists provide office support during the week from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. They are primarily responsible for answering the phone, but also help with various office tasks.

There is no experience necessary and we will provide on the job training. We welcome any support you can provide. The administrative needs of a parish of our size can be quite extensive and the use of volunteers helps us keep our costs in line with our budgetary goal.

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