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Stewardship 2018

Fulfilling Our Mission, Together

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I AM A MEMBER of St. Columba’s
and I thank God I am.
I care for this holy place.
Love is found in me.
This is my church family; all are named here.
I pray our hearts are freed 
to love each other unconditionally
and change the world. 

* * *


Your Pledge

As you prayerfully consider financial support for our church, we invite you to join your vestry in a renewal of commitment to St. Columba’s and help us breathe new life into our mission by telling the stories of our past and our hopes for the future.

Your financial contribution to St. Columba's keeps us going. Our Sunday and holy days services, Sunday school, adult and youth choir, music program, youth programs, Bible studies, outreach, joy-filled events, and special celebrations are only possible with your support. 

To join in the fulfilling our mission, please prayerfully consider making a financial pledge for 2018 to support St. Columba's as a holy place where love is found, all are named, and hearts are freed to change the world. 

Our Stewardship Story

As faithful followers of Christ, we recognize God created and owns it ALL. Everything we have is a gift from God. For those gifts, we are grateful. Out of our gratitude, we are generous. Our generosity is one of our gifts back to God.

This year, we embark on a year-long stewardship journey; informed by our diverse voices, inspired by our commitment to each other, and enriched by loving kindness and boundless hospitality.

Our intentional stewardship has been the hallmark of our birth and life as a parish; from our founding families to our newest members, WE make our mission possible. For that, the leadership of St. Columba's is humbled and grateful to God. What brought us together and built this church also draws new parishioners to us, allows us to reach outward to the community, and continues to inspire and grow the next generation of spirit-filled Episcopalians.

Together, we make each day as a parish possible.

+   +   + 

Vestry Contact for Stewardship & Planned Giving - Linda Reid

Parish Treasurer - Donna Corey