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Worship Ministries

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The Acolytes Guild provides a vital ministry for the church and its worship.  Young people in 4th – 12thgrades make up our guild of Acolytes. Acolytes carry the cross and torches in the processions, serve the Altar at the Eucharist, and assist the priest in the liturgies of the parish. Acolytes serve on a rotation schedule, serving about one or two Sundays each month. Training is required and can be scheduled by contacting the coordinator.

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Altar Guild

A crucial part of our worship together, the Altar Guild prepares the Altar for all the liturgies of the parish, maintains the vessels and special linens used in our celebrations, and works with our Flower Guild in adorning the church for all the liturgies and special seasonal celebrations throughout the year. 

No experience is necessary and we have very detailed instructions in our Altar Guild Guide.  Typically we also get together twice a year for business, fellowship and polishing.

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Chalice Bearers

 Adults, confirmed into the Episcopal Church, who assist the priest in the Eucharist by serving a chalice during Communion.  Chalice bearers serve on a rotation schedule, serving about once a month.

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The St. Columba's Choir

The St. Columba’s Choir for adults and teenagers in grades 10-12 sings each week at the 10:30 Mass from the Feast of the Assumption in mid-August through mid-June. The choir rehearses each Thursday evening at 7:00 pm and again on Sunday mornings before the 10:30 Mass. Occasionally, the choir sings the office of Solemn Evensong and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. The choir also serves as a vital part of other celebrations of the year, from the All Souls’ Requiem, to the joyous Solemn Mass of the Nativity, and the solemn Triduum and Easter. The choir warmly welcomes new singers of all voice parts for the entire year or just for a specific event or season. You do not need a trained voice or previous experience with a choir—we help you gain all the skills you need. We would love to have you try us out!

The St. Columba's Choristers

The St. Columba’s Chorister Program is our choir for children in second grade or higher. The program places emphasis on participation in Mass through the singing of hymns, psalms, and anthems. The children have a great time while studying the mechanics of music and the text of each song to gain a thorough understanding of what they sing. The Choristers sing each week at the 10:30 Mass during the school year except Parish Breakfast Sundays. Rehearsals are held each Wednesday afternoon at 5:15.

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Flower Guild

This guild works along side the Altar Guild to prepare the altar for services.  They arrange flowers at the Altar and throughout the church for our Sunday Eucharist and other special events at the parish. We are a group of about 14 ladies split into teams of 2 to 3 people. With this rotation, we server/arrange once every 6 weeks.

If you have never arranged flowers, its okay. Believe it or not, none of us are professional florists or professionally trained. And none of us had any flower arranging experience when we started! If you volunteer, you’ll be put with an experienced group that will help you and train you. These groups meet each Saturday morning in the church kitchen to prepare flowers if you’d like to come by and see how the process works.

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Lectors read the lessons at our Sunday and weekday liturgies. Interested adults can speak with the ministry coordinator about joining this group. Also serving on a rotation, Lectors read the lessons about once a month.

Lectors read the lessons – the Word of God – at church services. Lectors are trained how to read, pronounce the unusual words encountered, and relate to the listeners. Part of the responsibility of being a lector lies within the fact that the Word of God becomes alive through the ministry of the lectors.

The call to become a Lector may be felt by an individual or may come from outside, a fellow worshipper, or from someone who does not even attend church but recognizes certain qualities. There is no single profile for a Lector; they can be men or women, almost any age and come from all walks of life. If you think God is calling you to the Lector ministry you should consider the following questions such as:
- Is God calling you to serve him more fully in the worship service?
- Is the teaching and preaching ministry of the Lectors the particular ministry to which you are called?
- Have you the necessary gifts (with training) to carry out this ministry?
- Have you talked over the possibility of the Lector ministry with your spouse and family?
- Have you spoken to the priest or ministry coordinator to determine if this is a good fit for you?

Being a reader is more than just fulfilling a task. At its best, being a Lector is a calling, vocation, and a spiritual discipline. Reading is a commitment to effective sharing of Scipture during our community worship time. It is a commitment to preparing oneself so that one's readingbecomesa vehiclefor God's Word.

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As our church family continues to grow we need USHERS! Yes those attractive men and women at the sanctuary door, passing the collection plates and helping you find the perfect seat for you and your family are the all around "good guys" that volunteer their time once a month at St Columba for Sunday services. You too can be a member of this illustrious group known as Ushers.

Ushers assist with our Sunday morning as well as all other liturgies by greeting people as they arrive, assisting in seating people on major feast days like Christmas Eve and Easter morning, handing out bulletins, taking up the collection, and then tallying the collection preparing it for the treasurer.

Ushers serve in teams of 6-8 and each team serves Sunday per month. They arrive generally 15 to 20 minutes before each liturgy begins and finish a few minutes after the liturgy concludes. So it’s the time commitment is an easy one to make, but the service ushers provide to parishioners, visitors, and new members is tremendous!

Each team is coordinated by a team captain who helps train new people as they join the team and in coordinating the schedule with the usher ministry coordinator. All adult members (men and women) of St. Columba’s are welcome to serve as ushers. Our teams are always looking for friendly, energetic people to join in this ministry of welcome and service.

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