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Year-round Stewardship

Our intentional stewardship has been the hallmark of our birth and life as a parish; from our founding families to our newest members, Together, we turn our mission into reality. For that, the leaders of our church are humbled and grateful to God. What brought us together and built this church also draws new parishioners to us, allows us to reach outward to the community, and continues to inspire and grow the next generation of spirit-filled Episcopalians.

Together, we make each day as a parish possible.

Your 2019 Stewardship Committee

Jon Barnard, Laura Dillon, Brenda Dugan, Kristi Parkinson, Linda Reid, Tom Russell, Pat Weatherly

Stewardship Committee Responsibilities

1. Prayerfully revise our current stewardship statement and calendar to reflect our church ministry and mission for 2019.

2. Develop regular communications to the parish that reveal the faithful stewardship of our parishioners and how it supports the ministry and mission that make this a holy place where love is found. These include web, email, Sunday bulletin, Parish Post, stewardship prayers, Lenten devotions, etc.

3. Work with the vestry and newly formed finance committee to support healthy parish growth.

4. Plan, implement, and gauge the suitability of the 2019 pledge drive.

Your Stewardship Committee is creating our Year-round Stewardship Calendar for 2019. If you have ideas or suggestions let us know. We're happy to speak with you.