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I AM A MEMBER of St. Columba’s
and I thank God I am.
I care for this holy place.
Love is found in me.
This is my church family;
all are named here.
I pray our hearts are freed 
to love each other unconditionally
and change the world. 

This year, we embark on a year-long stewardship journey; informed by our diverse voices, inspired by our commitment to each other, and enriched by loving kindness and boundless hospitality.

Our intentional stewardship has been the hallmark of our birth and life as a parish; from our founding families to our newest members, WE make our mission possible. For that, the leaders of our church are humbled and grateful to God. What brought us together and built this church also draws new parishioners to us, allows us to reach outward to the community, and continues to inspire and grow the next generation of spirit-filled Episcopalians. Together, WE make each day as a parish possible.

Be a Stewarship Volunteer!

Year-long Stewardship:

  1. Weekly Stewardship Prayer - Each week, check your inbox for an email that unites us in prayer and thanksgiving as we prepare for Sunday worship. As you read the three little sentences, you're saying the prayer and proving love is found here! Thanks to Aileen Sayce for this wonderful suggestion!
  2. Subscribe to our St. Columba's Stewardship Channel - We'll upload videos all year! Some will celebrate our church family and events and others will highlight the important stewardship our ministries provide. Share the videos with others and invite them to experience our holy place!
  3. November: Attitude of Gratitude Messages - Look for a display in the Narthex and fill out messages of love for your church family; messages of gratitude, thanksgiving, joy, happiness, love are all welcome!
  4. December: Rose Sunday Bake Sale & Cookie Exchange – Purchase goodies for the holidays and collect cookies and recipes from the bakers of St. Columba’s. Thanks to Gail Koch, Laura Dillon, Anna Walker, and Elora Emory for inspiring this event!
  5. February: Lenten Devotions - Volunteer to write a short devotion (it's easy!) and be sure to subscribe, so your hearts are freed to change the world.
  6. March: Rose Sunday Bake Sale (MARCH 11) – Purchase some Easter goodies to share with friends and family. Georgia Grown Farmer's Market Kickoff - We're in the planning stages to host a regular farmer's market. If you're interested in helping us or being a vendor, click HERE. Thanks to Gail Koch for inspiring our Georgia Grown movement. Did you know we have a community garden behind the Sunday School Cottages? We do!
  7. April: We still need your help planning our Georgia Grown Farmer's Market!
  8. May: Pentecost, Let There Be Light - The narthex will be warmed by pictures spanning the life and times of our church. Thanks to Kristi Parkinson for this wonderful suggestion.
  9. June: Parishioner Directory - It's that time again! Let's make sure all are named. Stay posted for dates and times. Ministry Book - We'll publish a sturdy booklet with ministry descriptions, contacts and events. Great for new and long-time parishioners alike. Thanks for Susan Bruch for this wonderful suggestion. 
  10. July: A-Z Summer Craft Fair Join us for a fun, crafty fair and take advantage of 30 min. how-to lessons from local artists and crafters. From arranging flowers to zentangle, vendors will be there to help you release your inner artist! If you're interested in helping us or being a vendor, click HERE. Thanks to the talented Dani Startt, Jeannie Lamp, and all the Guild of St. Rose artisans for inspiring this event.
  11. August: The Generosity Movement ½ Day Retreat - Stewardship is... ALL that we do, with ALL that we have, ALL the time. Stewardship is discipleship; it is a complete reorientation of our lives toward God, who calls us through Jesus Christ. Stewardship is… Everything I do after I say, “I believe.”
  12. September: 15-year Anniversary and Barn Raising Kick-off - Stepping out in faith, we’re planning to create a beautiful outdoor space for gatherings, events, weddings, celebrations in honor of our 15 year anniversary. We’ll kick-off our campaign with a modern version of an old-fashioned barn raising – where cooperative work builds relationships and community. If you're interested in helping us plan for the future, click HERE. Thanks to Gordon Ralph, Trace Watkins, and Dale Humphries for inspiring this event. Ministry Fair - Back in the familiar rhythms of fall, we’ll host a ministry fair, celebrating the work of our ministries and recruiting new volunteers!
  13. October: 2019 Pledge Drive! If you're interested in being on our Stewardship Committee, click HERE. To the Glory of God - We'll install our donation recognition book in the Narthex to honor our past, celebrate our present, and look to the future. 

Vestry Contact for Stewardship & Planned Giving Linda Reid